Saturday, January 5, 2013

100%  Working Adfly bot as of January 2013

Every person On this World with has own Site make populartiy or to increase the users no. take this way....And they Sucess.So leave this Bad way and get this Beautiful Thing to use.
making money is not Easy way .
Its not Ease to just as visit ~ see~ and get its wrong all paths are closed to earn easy money but i have an new way to earn better revenue just for u some loyal users who wants truely and legit way to earn money Can use it. so get ready and get this bot to earn better revenue.

So I give the way how to use It:
Firstly You Must Have a !!
1) Account with at least Shortened Ten Links
2) My Bot which i will provide you.
after all completing Tese two steps Follow These Instructions:
Now you have to get Fresh Proxy List of atleast 100. Anonymous or Tranparent Or Elite. You will get these on google just search a bit using you Mind
Copy And Paste These Proxies And make an .txt document.
( Tip) I want to understand You that .txt document will be create in Notepad. and Proxies Samples how to like this format :-
e.g. (
afterall Open your Bot and click on Enable Proxy On the Left side Like Click on these ( .... ) and Uplaod your Document here.
Now Right click on Blank space and click on add links .after added links again right Click and press start.

Download Adfly Bot Here

After emails, we found a few proxies and pasted them here.
Download Proxies Here

We dont know how long this will work, so run with it while we can.

You can also down TOR Browser Bundle which will allow you to mask your ip address
Download Tor Browser Bundle

Please follow the instruction VERY Closely